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Covid: No quarantine for fully jabbed US and EU travellers to England

Health News BBC - 2 hours 49 min ago
The travel industry had been pushing for the rule change so tourists can more easily come to England.

Blood inquiry: Former health minister defends blood products advice on Aids

Health News BBC - 2 hours 52 min ago
Infected blood scandal survivors have accused ministers of misleading the public in 1983.

A single-molecule laser nanospectroscopy technique with micro-electron volt energy resolution

Google Science Feeds - 3 hours 30 min ago
When molecules are excited, they can give rise to a variety of energy conversion phenomena, such as light emission and photoelectric or photochemical conversion. To unlock new energy conversion functions in organic materials, researchers should be able ...

Are middle-aged people more unhealthy than ever?

Health News BBC - 3 hours 40 min ago
Why could the current cohort of 40-somethings be proving less healthy than previous generations?

These Could Be the Oldest Animal Fossils Ever Found, or Just Squiggles

Google Science Feeds - 4 hours 10 min ago
Dr. Turner suggests the meshlike structures closely resemble the fiber networks of modern keratose sponges, also known as horny sponges, found around the world today. But she concedes that what she saw under a microscope ...

Managing earthquakes triggered by oil production: Scientists demonstrate safer wastewater disposal method

Google Science Feeds - 4 hours 10 min ago
A team of scientists has developed an approach to disposing wastewater that reduces the danger of triggering an earthquake. Oil production generates large volumes of wastewater, which is often injected into the ground as a means of disposal to avoid ...

First detection of light from behind a black hole

Google Science Feeds - 4 hours 10 min ago
Watching X-rays flung out into the universe by the supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy 800 million light-years away, Stanford University astrophysicist Dan Wilkins noticed an intriguing pattern. He observed a series of bright flares of ...

Why big fish thrive in protected oceans

Google Science Feeds - 4 hours 43 min ago
Big fish are harder to find in areas sprawling with human activity, unless you're looking in no-take marine reserves, according to a new study led by marine scientists at The University of Western Australia. The study, published in Conservation Biology, is one of ...

Laws of friction tested in the collapsing crater of an erupting volcano

Google Science Feeds - 5 hours 15 min ago
On April 30, 2018, on the eastern flank of Hawaii's Kīlauea volcano, lava suddenly drained from a crater that had been spewing lava for more than three decades. Then the floor of the crater, named Pu'u'ō'ō, dropped out. Within 48 hours, the lava lake at ...

For animal societies, cohesion comes at a cost

Google Science Feeds - 5 hours 15 min ago
Using accelerometers—the equivalent of pedometers, or Fitbits—the team of scientists studied the detailed movement behavior and related energetic costs in a troop of 25 baboons. The study is the first to gain ultra-high resolution data on movement and ...

NHS England to appoint first female chief executive

Health News BBC - 5 hours 52 min ago
The prime minister is expected to rubber-stamp Amanda Pritchard's appointment imminently.

Ahead Of Starliner Mission NASA Chief Talks Commercial Crew Program, International Collaborations

Google Science Feeds - 6 hours 26 min ago
Boeing is set to launch its Starliner capsule on a critical test Friday. The uncrewed mission will help NASA certify the vehicle for human spaceflights, transporting astronauts to the International Space Station from Florida's Space Coast. Ahead of the mission, ...

Covid: Deaf woman wins claim over lack of sign language at briefings

Health News BBC - 6 hours 30 min ago
A lack of sign language at two government briefings was discriminatory, a High Court judge finds.

Apollo 15: How did NASA put a car on the moon?

Google Science Feeds - 6 hours 53 min ago
Apollo 15: The missions of Apollo 1-13 are the most talked about but the mission of Apollo 15 which actually put a car on the Moon. David R Scott and James B Irwin were ...

Bushfires, not pandemic lockdowns, had biggest impact on global climate in 2020

Google Science Feeds - 7 hours 34 min ago
Fasullo and his NCAR co-authors used advanced computer modeling techniques to quantify the climatic influence of the reductions in traffic and industrial activity related to COVID-19, as well as the smoke emitted by the fires.

Wildfires were so hot they cooled the planet

Google Science Feeds - 7 hours 55 min ago
The study, conducted by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, suggests wildfires could alter the climate as they grow more intense in response to a warming world. The researchers likened the Australian brush fire's climatic impact to a ...

The Delta Aquariids meteor shower peaks near July's end. Here's how to watch

Google Science Feeds - 7 hours 59 min ago
"What we see is a 'shooting star.' That bright streak is not actually the rock, but rather the glowing hot air as the hot rock zips through the atmosphere. When Earth encounters many meteors at once, we call it a meteor shower." Sign up for CNN's Wonder Theory ...

Nasa sends mould that can 'organise itself and transmit knowledge' to the International Space Station

Google Science Feeds - 8 hours 7 min ago
The naurally-occuring slime mold Physarum polycephalum is capable of basic forms of learning and changing itself to its environment. This species of mould – which is ...

Future sea level rise: When, where, how much?

Google Science Feeds - 8 hours 29 min ago
Ten thousand years later, with seas now rising because of global warming, scientists are combing through an array of data and building increasingly detailed models to understand the processes that drive regional and local changes in sea level.

Ignoring climate change will yield 'untold suffering,' panel of 14000 scientists warns

Google Science Feeds - 8 hours 42 min ago
Greenhouse gas emissions are at an all-time high, while glacial ice thickness is at its lowest point in 71 years of record keeping, the report found. The world is richer than it's ever been ( ...


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